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When to Insulate Your Prefab Metal Garage?

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Prefab metal garages are sustainable, energy efficient and provide protection against various environmental elements.  However, they do need to be properly designed, by professionals, for their intended use and location in order for them to deliver long-term…

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How to zombie-proof your garage

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This guide was created to help you prevent a garage invasion. What Are The Different Types of Zombies? How to you protect your garage from zombies? How to choose a zombie proof garage door? How to choose…

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How much does it cost to build a garage?

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Do you need a permit to build a garage? How much does it cost to build a garage? What materials should you use to build a garage? I get it, you have your prized toys sitting out…

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What Are The Different Types of Metal Buildings?

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Beige 100x180x24 Agricultural Steel Building. located in Mactier, Ontario. Whenever the term “steel building” is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is a garage or a storage shed. However, there is so much more to…

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Florida Equestrian Buildings

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WE’RE EXPERTS IN BUILDING EQUINE STRUCTURES Contact Danny C. for details at (954) 590-4955. Spacious, solid and well lit riding areas bring us all joy. Steel buildings are not only durable, they provide quiet and safe environments…

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Build Spacious, Damage-Resistant Auto Shops with Steel Building Kits!

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As modern vehicles continue to grow complex —evolving mechanically and electronically —shade tree mechanics of yesteryears are finding it increasingly difficult to handle their repairs on their own. The result? Prefab Steel Building Automotive Workshop. 85×87 Scania…

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Steel Building for a Sports Facility

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Consider a Steel Building for your Sports Facility Benefits of building with steel: Wide open, clear-span designs No interior columns Lighter materials allow for less foundations Pre-designed and prefabricated, reduces time and error on the jobsite Bolted…

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Everything You Need To Know About Insulated Metal Panels

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Insulated metal panels have been the choice material of contractors and designers for decades. Insulated metal panels are reliable for a number of reasons—excellent thermal efficiency, structural integrity, and ease of installation. Insulated metal panels are utilized…

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Why You Should Choose Insulated Metal Wall and Roof Systems for Your Construction Project

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Insulated metal panels have become the norm when it comes to construction of wall and roof systems. These panels offer various perks as compared to the conventional materials. Whether it’s commercial or residential, use of insulated metal…

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Everything You Need To Know About Performance Testing of IMPs

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IMPs, short for Insulated Metal Panels, are becoming increasingly popular when it comes to commercial, residential, and industrial construction projects. These panels are highly preferred due to their benefits in terms of costs and performance. Furthermore, insulated…

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Insulated Metal Panels: What They Are and Where to Use Them

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Although it may sound like a relatively new innovation, insulated metal panels have been in use for decades. In fact, the idea of using foam-core panels in construction first became popular during the 1970s. Ever since then,…

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Selection Guide: How To Select The Right IMPs For Your Construction Project

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Insulated Metal Panels are perfect for a vast multitude of construction projects. From airport hangers to storage facilities, from churches to universities, from banks to offices, they can be utilized in commercial, residential, industrial, and institutional structures.…

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