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Michigan Steel Buildings

At Allied Steel Buildings, we offer the best quality steel buildings in Michigan.

Michigan residents find it advantageous to buy and build with Allied Steel Buildings due to our affordable steel structures, in-depth industry expertise, and great customer service. “It borders on phenomenal… I’ve never heard of the customer service and follow-up, ever. Usually it is quite the opposite, some of the complaints I’ve heard about from other companies is you can’t get a hold of them as soon as the building is bought… they forget about you. A while ago Violet contacted the folks at Allied after some time had passed, and they remembered her! We’re just a little mom and pop outfit, and that was very nice.” Bill Deemer, Gaylord, Michigan.

Our critical thinking and problem solving abilities have allowed us to deliver structures for aerospace organizations such as NASA, as well as mezzanine levels for structures like Bill Deemer’s home workshop.


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Allied Steel Buildings

Allied Steel Buildings

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