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Great work starts with collaboration.

Since 2003, Allied has focused on building relationships. From the first phone call to the completion of every prefabricated metal structure, our priority has been, and always will be, our customer.



Build value worldwide.



To always put customers first, deliver on our promises, and continually set the bar high.



Trust. Transparency. Respect. Accountability.

From Start to Finish

Great Service Matters

What you build with matters. Who you build with matters even more. Since 2003, we have helped more than 5000 customers realize their building dreams. From local community projects to multinational developments, we deliver unmatched expertise in design, engineering, fabrication and project management. We do this with the highest quality standards of building and customer service. Steel is sustainable, cost effective and extremely durable. Steel structures meet the aesthetic and technical requirements of building codes. Allied customers receive our ready-to-assemble pre-engineered steel structures designed to their specifications, within budget, and on schedule… directly to their jobsite. In the end, our success is only measured by each customer’s building project success.

Our History

A chronological timeline of Allied Steel Buildings.

Our History

Allied Steel was founded in March of 2003, in Aventura, Florida. Within months our first office was opened and by the first quarter of the following year, more than 100 of our steel structures stood strong around the country. In 2006, Bloomberg Business Week voted us one of the most innovative companies. By 2008 we had gained clients in both Canada and Latin America, and several years later our first international office was opened in the great country of Panama. Even in the face of oil and steel prices on the rise and amidst global recessions, by 2014 we had expanded our market portfolio to include Allied Steel conventional steel structures in 65 countries worldwide and became certified as a structural steel engineering company. To date, we have manufactured, assembled, and installed 5000 structures around the world, each with exceptional results and full client satisfaction.  

Why Use Allied Steel

Allied Steel is not just a simple steel building manufacturer. We’re a group of individuals dedicated to seeing the dreams of others come true. Unlike many firms that are exclusively product-oriented, the heart of our approach is to provide life and business solutions for our clients. The products we manufacture and distribute are only as good as the futures they will shape. This means knowing beforehand that our buildings will be used for a variety of uses, from work to play, and ensuring all of them are prepared to handle the ways they will be utilized. We build lifelong relationships with customers, co-workers, and partners because we know that strong relationships are the brick and mortar of strong buildings and strong service to match. With this mission in mind, we adhere to a series of core values that help us achieve it. These are:

Building Relationships

Our success is never ours alone – each and every customer we work with plays their part. We recognize this, and root all client interaction in honesty, integrity, and fair, open communication, taking for granted that they will do the same. In turn, mutual respect is created, as is mutual success. This approach has helped provide buildings to a multitude of clients for a variety of uses, such as equestrian, agricultural, manufacturing,  recreational, storage, worship, workshop, industrial, and much more.

Proving Commitment

We make good on our word by always following through when we say we will. We expect our customers to hold us to the highest degree of accountability in each and every business interaction and transaction, simply because we do so for ourselves.

Defining Innovation

The history of our company alone speaks volumes to the way we welcome innovation and change. We approach every opportunity with a fresh perspective, taking into account all the ways that the steel industry is growing, changing, and being affected by global forces. We’re defined by an approach that has made us a leader in steel manufacturing design worldwide 

Showing Our Passions

We build for the customers and for ourselves! We are a team of passionate and fun individuals that love everything we do. We bring this passion to the work desk and the job site alike, putting it into every task a job may require, from the micro to the macro. We promise to provide our expertise with the enthusiasm needed to develop lifelong relationships with our customers and suppliers.

Providing The Best

We may only be as good as our word, but our word is only as good as our product. Our top-quality commercial-grade steel is the best on the market and rigidly adheres to all and steel design and construction codes and requirements. 

Serving You

You, the customer, are the fuel to our engine. Without you, our business approach is ineffective. Thus, we go above and beyond to ensure an exceptional experience in every aspect of our business. This means even after the sale.

The Allied Way

By selecting Allied Steel as the solution to your building needs, you’ve taken the first step toward building a relationship with a team of expert engineers, manufacturers, and contracts that accept nothing less than top-tier products provided with outstanding customer service. No matter your needs, our staff has the experience and knowledge to get your dream building out of your head and off the ground in no time. Get started today with our pricing page.

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