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Allied Steel’s Products

When it comes to prefab steel buildings, Allied Steel’s products are second to none.  Our pre-cut, pre-drilled, bolt-together designs are planned and engineered 

for easy assembly and supreme durability. Each and every design we handle is carefully drawn, planned, and manufactured under the most stringent quality control measures in the industry, ensuring that our customers get exactly what they asked for, and for a lifetime or more.

We offer a wide array of metal building systems and kits to create the perfect structure for all our customers’ needs. We can engineer frames to be used for purposes both residential and commercial. These include agricultural storerooms, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, mechanic auto-shops, aircraft hangars, sporting facilities, storage buildings, retail stores, churches, schools, power plants, oil refineries, water treatment centers, fire stations, houses, and much more. If you have a dream for your steel building and how it will be used, our engineers want to hear about it.

With Allied Steel projects, the following services are provided:

  • Evaluation and Assessment – Our team of highly skilled engineers gathers and evaluates all the technical specifications of your desired building, providing structural systems comparisons, building impact probabilities, and real-time estimates of pricing, budget concerns, and possible completion date.
  • Structural Design – Blueprints are drafted and the design is made via collaborative meetings, presentations, and inspections to guarantee clarity with the client about their goals and needs and to expedite the entire process.
  • Project Management – A qualified and experienced project manager will be assigned to oversee all operations, from plant manufacturing, to transportation and delivery, to installation and completion.
  • Material Fabrication – All plants used by Allied Steel obey strict manufacturing guidelines to ensure your product is reliable and built according to exact specifications. 
  • Transportation – The prefabricated materials will be shipped out to the determined job site as quickly as they are scheduled. They arrive pre-drilled, pre-cut, and ready for easy bolt-together assembly. 
  • Installation SupportWe provide support, as well as orientation, training, and management services when requested, on the building and installation of our buildings with your design and particular site considerations in mind, including the logistics of staging and phasing. We provide compliance inspections to ensure the building and frame are properly installed once assembly is finished. We can also connect you with a contractor in your area if you choose not to do the installation yourself.

Our aim is not just to provide quality steel buildings, but to provide them as solutions to any challenges the building’s stakeholder might have. A dedication to creating lifelong business relationships is what we strive for, and we do that by combining quality products with exceptional customer service.

If you’re ready for a quote, just fill out the form below. We’ll give you an estimate on pricing and get you on your way to having the steel building of your dreams.

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Allied Steel Buildings

Allied Steel Buildings

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