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Pelham, Ontario

Mike Korolyk needed a building that would store his vehicles for his trucking business, in Welland, Ontario.

He received a mailer from Allied Steel Buildings and decided to call. “It was my first time purchasing something like that,” recalled Korolyk. “Allied said they had buildings for unbeatable pricing, so I called to see what was available.”

It turned out there was a blue 40 X 75 foot structure with beige trim that was within his price range. “We were willing to spend what they were asking for on the building even after we added some extra openings, added additional length, and relocated the entrance doors to the other side.”

Once he received the building, Jeff Langer erected it for Korolyk fairly quickly.

“They delivered it when they were supposed to in September of 2005. It took two months from start to finish constructing between the foundation, the structure, electricity, and everything. We were able to start utilizing it by the end of that December.”

Now Korolyk is able to protect his trucks against the elements of the weather, he’s quite satisfied with how everything worked out.

“I’ve already given referrals to a couple of people to call Allied Steel for a steel building. They know how to provide a good product.