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Patty of Austin, Texas is truly taking advantage of her home, an Allied Steel Building. A steel welder by trade, she purchased her metal building for the design flexibility and the fire resistant properties.

Patty designed her home to also function as her welding workshop. By installing glass garage doors and black barn doors, the entire first floor opens up to easily maneuver large welding projects. The doors also provide ample room when open and with the commercial kitchen, Patty’s home is able to accommodate a variety of affairs. In fact, her home has been used as a venue from fundraisers to concerts, and she has even taken her donkey for a quick ride inside.

The motif adds to the rustic and unique charm of her home. Among the notables, she utilized reclaimed wood for the stairs, reclaimed doors from Habitat for humanity and restored horse troughs for bathtubs. Patty’s 30x48x26 prefabricated steel house includes a master bedroom, welding workshop, commercial kitchen, office space and two bathrooms. Patty stated that her building “has proven to be the best buy of my life so far!”


Location: Austin, TX, United States
Dimensions: 30‘ x 48‘ x 26
Square Footage: 1440
Color: Gray
Industry: Workshop, Residential

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