• March 25, 2021

Be Your Own Builder: Why You Should Choose Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings

Prefabricated Steel Buildings

Be Your Own Builder: Why You Should Choose Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings

Be Your Own Builder: Why You Should Choose Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings 1024 538 Allied Steel Buildings

pre-engineered steel buildingsPerhaps you’re planning to build a warehouse or hangar. Maybe you’re in need of a barn or a garage. Whether your needs are agricultural or aviatory, medical or mechanical, here is why you should consider designing a prefab steel building with Allied Steel, the world’s top steel building manufacturer.

What Is a Pre-Engineered Metal Building?

Pre-engineered buildings, also known as prefabs, are structures for which the complete design is fully engineered and fabricated at a factory. The building’s components are then shipped to the construction site for installment. Since its renaissance around the 1960s, pre-engineered building technology has been able to satisfy a range of aesthetic and functional requirements with better efficiency and consistency than almost any other form of structural framing in the world.

Why Go Pre-Engineered?

Reduced Fabrication Time

Because pre-engineered steel buildings are crafted with state of the art architectural software, they can be sourced, fabricated and delivered to site within weeks after the final design is approved, unlike conventional structures which can often take months. For many, this means faster occupancy and earlier realization of use-value.

Less Expensive

prefab steel buildings

Without a doubt, a pre-engineered system is the most cost-effective way to frame a structure. The high-tech designing programs employed in a systems approach ensure the most efficient design and manufacturing process, keeping prices low. Likewise, shipping costs are kept to a minimum since prefab components are lightweight and bundle together easily. 

Finally, savings occur with construction and labor, as pre-engineered systems arrive at the construction site with pre-welded clips, pre-cut holes, and all the necessary hardware for quick and simple installation. 

Unmatched Versatility

Unlike conventionally-framed structures, after installment, a pre-engineered system can be built and expanded upon with ease. Bays and service doors can be added, canopies, mezzanines, and overhangs can be accommodated, and stairways can be attached to base columns. Modulation of overall width and height is entirely possible, especially if put into consideration during the pre-design process. With a prefab system, as your structural needs shift, so can your structure.

High Predictability and Durability

Not only does a pre-engineered system design guarantee haste and ease of construction, it also ensures that the materials created adhere to current steel industry structural standards. Off-site manufacturing guarantees controlled manufacturing conditions, and thus more consistency and predictability of the outcome. You can be certain that your prefab structure will be prepared to withstand damage and erosion from forces – natural or otherwise. This bodes well for a pre-engineered systems depreciation value and can help to lower insurance premiums on the building


Steel is already one of the most recycled materials on the planet. A pre-engineered steel building goes a step further by utilizing the most efficient design and fabrication mechanisms to minimize environmental impact. 

Build Smart – Choose Allied Steel

When it comes to a new structure, choosing pre-engineered steel will give you peace of mind and Allied Steel’s help. Our expertise and attention to detail are unparalleled. Come see why we’ve been leading the prefab metal building industry for nearly two decades. Get a quote online or call us at 1-866-651-8116 to get started today!


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