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High West Distillery Rickhouse

Utah Steel Buildings

This rust is intentional! Allied was asked to supply a 2,600 ft2 rackhouse with a rusted exterior appearance for aesthetic purposes.  This Rackhouse was magnificiently designed for High West Distillery. The rackhouse design for this Craft Distillery was simple but effective. The barrel warehouse was set far from the distillery due to the flammability of its contents. As the photos show, the barrels were stacked on dunnage vs wine barrel racks or palatalized barrel stacking. No barrel aging secrets were shared with Allied.

If you’re asking yourself, how do I start a distillery? or How do I distill? That’s not quite our forte, but if you want to know how to store whiskey barrels, we can help you with the basics. Everyone knows the top secret aging process techniques are unique to each distillery and winery.

Whether you’re stacking a 53 gallon barrel, or a 30 gallon barrel, the barrel stack height and barrel rotation process should all be considered when designing the rackhouse, as you’ll need sufficient clear height in the building for your equipment. Lastly, if you’re open to a steel rack system, ask us for more details.

High West’s products  have received numerous accolades and awards. In 2011, Whisky Advocate, America’s leading whiskey magazine, named High West its “Whiskey Pioneer of the Year.” www.highwest.com

High West Distillery


Location: Wanship, UT, United States
Dimensions: 38‘ x 70‘ x 12
Square Footage: 2660
Color: Red, Brown
Industry: Spirits