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  • August 4, 2015

Taking the Indoors Outdoors

Taking the Indoors Outdoors

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The Howard Tiger Recreational Center in Hollywood, FL, a joint venture by the Seminole Tribe of Florida and Stiles Construction opened its doors in October 2014, seeking to continue the legacy of its namesake Howard Tiger, a man who valued leadership and athleticism. The Center houses a local Girls & Boys Club, a Fitness & Culture Department, and a gym. However, Seminole/Stiles, LCC. realized that some of their outdoor features, which include two full-size basketball courts, were not being utilized to their full potential.

“Seminole/Stiles, LLC. came to Allied Steel Buildings looking for an efficient solution to this area, which was receiving limited use due to exposure to the elements,” explained Eric Stephan, VP of Construction Services at Allied. “We were able to develop the design and offered construction services for both the foundation & the building that fit property limitations & their budget.”

Allied Steel designed a 70’ x 20’ x 28’ steel building that provided the protection of indoor roofing and insulation against the year-round warm weather and rainy summers of the South Florida region, while maintaining the open air of an outdoor environment. The airnasium, or open-air gym, built over one of the basketball courts, now accommodates outdoor sport activities, like basketball, street hockey, kickball, and volleyball, year-round regardless of the heat or weather The airnasium also features two industrial size fans and light system that ensure a cool environment and additional light for night sport activities or during cloudy days.

The Howard Tiger Airnasium complements the ideals of the center as it offers a safe environment not only for sporting activities, but for community events or gatherings that promote leadership, cultural learning, and a unity with the outdoors.