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  • June 29, 2016

Steel Mining Structures

Steel Mining Structures

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The mining industry is a multinational endeavor, generating much of the economic growth for both developed and developing countries. As a global leader, Allied Steel is there to support the structural needs that often arise within a mining site.

Mining sites often require a variety of buildings including storage warehouses for equipment, labor housing, administrative offices, and other living spaces for workers. These structures have to be durable, customizable, and flexible to adapt to the ever changing needs of a mine site. In addition, most mining facilities are semi-permanent so any infrastructure involved should preferably be easy to dismantle or be portable.

Allied prefabricated steel buildings offer a low-cost, quality solution. Resistant to extreme weather including heat, floods, snow, ice, high-winds or earthquakes, Allied steel buildings are a great fit for the often remote and harsh environments of mining sites. Offering galvanized steel options among other customizable features, Allied Steel ensures durability even in the most corrosive mining surroundings. Green certified and energy- efficient, Allied Steel buildings also offer a practical and durable alternative for mining structures, especially in poor soil support sites.

With an expert team and various mining steel buildings globally, Allied Steel is the perfect choice to ensure a design tailored to provide lasting, maintenance-free value with quality materials, expedited services to meet demanding scheduling needs, and around the clock support at every step of the way.