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Industrial Storage

Baden, ON

Jason Waechter owns a construction company in Baden, Ontario.  An area with a good amount of forestry that can be quite scenic no matter what you place in the surroundings.

Having done a bit of construction, when Waechter purchased a pre-engineered building from Allied Steel, it was the first time that he had gone forward with this kind of material.

“You’re talking about three people who had never done it before,” recalled Waechter.  “When we were looking into something to use both for storage as well as personal use, and found that using pre-engineered steel would be the right way to go.”

Waechter had found out about Allied through the Internet.  After speaking with them, he decided on a 60 X 140 foot building that he would be able to use for both his business and when he had some time to relax.

“It was smooth sailing from when we spoke with them when we finished putting up the building,” recalls Waechter.  “We started on the building once we had some extra time, doing what we could, when we could.  We poured in the concrete foundation by September of 2005.

“It took about two weeks to put up the structure after that.  I’ll tell you, I had no complaints or troubles.  It was pretty self-explanatory, and Allied’s Building Services Department was available for any questions that I may have had.”