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  • April 12, 2016

Exploring Prefabricated Aircraft Hangars

Prefabricated Steel Building Hangar

Exploring Prefabricated Aircraft Hangars

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Allied Steel Buildings is the nation’s leading provider of innovative Steel Buildings. Our expertly-designed prefabricated steel structures can serve a variety of functions and purposes, with customizable Aircraft Hangars being designed to suit your specific needs.

Your hangar building will be built around your exact specifications as well as local building codes. Our well-trained and experienced team will design and build the finest Aircraft Hangars on the market. We will take into account your specific needs and preferences in order to create a structure that will accommodate any requirements you may have. In addition to their durability, spaciousness, and aesthetics, our aircraft hangars are built to minimize upkeep and maximize energy efficiency, saving you money for years to come.

Your hangar building can be built to house your particular aircraft, including Gulfstream, Cessna, Lear Jet, Beechcraft, Piper, Raytheon, Bell, Bombardier, Canadair, Dasault, DeHavilland, Socata, and Embraer. Column-free interiors provide wide floor space, while high ceilings and eaves allow for even the largest airplanes. Allied Still Buildings’ aircraft hangars can accommodate a variety of door arrangements, including rolling, bi-parting, bi-fold doors, and stack leaf types.

Allied Steel Buildings can also design your structure so as to have it blend with its surrounding. An innovative mixture of precast concrete, glass, brick, stone and other veneers will accent your steel hangar’s beauty and help it fit into the environment. In addition to designing and building your prefabricated aviation building, we also provide expert site selection, efficient deliver, and much more.

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