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  • July 14, 2017

IMET: Nuevo Centro médico abre sus puertas en Punta Arenas


IMET: Nuevo Centro médico abre sus puertas en Punta Arenas

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Written By Pamela Andersen

Three years ago, a group of medical specialists residing in the city of Punta Arenas, conceived the idea of ​​implementing an outpatient care model in which the trauma patient coexisted as the main subject of medical care, Traumatologists, and an Image Service that will provide reliable diagnostic support to treatment decisions made by health professionals. This is how the Medical Images and Traumatology Medical Center – IMET was born.

In this regard, the project manager and co-founder of IMET, Dr. Marco Olguín, explained that “our project defined areas that will consolidate a comprehensive value proposition, satisfying patients with respect to quality, price and timeliness of care, where The architectonic, structural, operative and assistance designs of the model will constitute a friendly envelope that keeps consistency with the financial protection and security to face the unforeseen medical conditions “.

The project includes ample parking lots and a 2,400 m2 multifunctional building, which could be realized thanks to the financial support provided by the North American insurer MetLife, managed by the consultancy Corporanda, and the Austral Law. “None of this would be possible today if we had not approved the most demanding of exams, which was to present our project to the Southern Law, an important tool that the State provides to promote entrepreneurship in extreme areas, a benefit that will allow us to recover a significant percentage of the investment in a term of up to 30 years, once we enter into service “indicated Dr. Olguín.

The building, which has two floors, considers in its first level six traumatological consultations, Imaging Service and reception area, in addition to two pavilions of minor and dental surgery, recovery area, blood sampling, and a commercial sector which includes Pharmacy and Cafeteria. Meanwhile, the second floor will have 14 queries that will increase the offer of medical care for other specialties, dressing rooms, showers and living rooms for staff, substations room and electrical panels, an Auditorium for 40 people and an area of ​​300 m2 that will be destined to ambulatory ward. Two elevators, two interior staircases, corridors, balconies, evacuation stairs, doors with antipanic lever, dry and wet network complement the conditions that will at the same time provide comfort and safety to all users.

The need to continue contributing to the development of the region with quality infrastructure and services, both in the public and private sectors, involves articulating and stimulating cooperation links with other institutions, which leads to improve the levels of regional resolutivity and autonomy, translating in direct benefits for Magellanics. On the subject, the specialist said that “we firmly believe that markets need competition, good business and labor practices, and that consumers, in our case patients, will reward us with their decision to prefer us, praising us for helping them to access in a timely manner. with clear rules to the medical images (magnetic nuclear resonance, computerized axial tomography, Ecotomography and X-rays) and at a fair price “.

Finally, Olguín stressed that “we believe that when we enter into operation, the simple rules that have guided us until now, will make our business grow by consolidating a regional brand image based on territorial identity, with the help of all the inhabitants of these austral lands. “

The construction and materialization of the IMET medical center, considers a modern steel building, of flexible design, with quality of excellence and in accordance with the demanding national standards, which is capable of responding to the changing needs of the environment. Its construction is in charge of the company PREFABRIC, whose General Manager is Alex Andersen, who with more than 20 years of experience in the local and national market, have managed to position themselves in the region as the best alternative price / quality and efficiency, in the import and assembly of American prefabricated metal structures.

Among its recent projects in Punta Arenas and Puerto Natales, the construction of warehousing warehouses for the transport company Davison, Transportes López, Nexxo and Scania, as well as the construction of the Maternelle of the Alianza Francesa de Concepción and the commercial offices, stand out. and Gallagher wineries in Osorno.