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  • October 2, 2017

Ventajas de Trabajar Junto a Nuestra Alianza


Ventajas de Trabajar Junto a Nuestra Alianza

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The projects and mining operations have varying stages in the production process where different elements which in turn perform specific functions, including crushing lines, storage facilities, storage machinery, among others, make

the construction and assembly of its structures receive a relevant value.

In our Allied Steel Buildings – Prefabric alliance , we have an experienced team of engineers capable of successfully designing complex and functional metal buildings that are equipped to withstand heavy loads, while also providing lasting value and protection, without the need for maintenance. Steel is sustainable, profitable and extremely durable.

Whether you need to build a production or manufacturing plant, our solutions for industrial structures are tailored to the operational needs of any industry. We design buildings with metal structures that integrate the distinctive features of your project, including isolated panels, firebreaks, anti-seismic designs, noise control systems, galvanized frames, cold storage and bridge cranes, are just some of the many options we offer.

Some of the advantages of working with us, is that we offer structures in a variety of colors in their coatings, without intermediate pillaring, with more space between columns and bolted connections only. In addition, our buildings require a smaller number of foundations, and their rapid installation makes the work more efficient and with a minimum cost of maintenance. We offer permanent support and coordination in your project, from the inspection of materials in the factory to the delivery at the assembly site. We train local contractors, giving them a personalized service from the first moment and until the work is finished in the destination.

In this way, since 2003 we have helped more than 4500 clients to realize their dreams of construction, offering an unparalleled experience in design, engineering, manufacturing and project management, always with the highest standards of construction quality. and the best customer service.

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