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Quality Printing Commercial Warehouse Building

Louisiana Steel Buildings

The one point that Wayne Leblanc stresses about the building he bought from Allied Steel is that it draws a lot of attention from the road in Galliano, Louisiana.

“I’ve been giving people a lot of references,” said Leblanc. “People drive by here all the time, and want to know where we got the building from. They’re just so impressed with it, especially since it was unscathed after Hurricane Katrina hit.”

The category four storm slammed Southern Louisiana with devastating winds in August, but even it couldn’t damage the building that Allied Steel built for Leblanc.

“The building held up great for Katrina,” remembered Leblanc. “We didn’t have a scratch or a piece of tin missing on the whole thing. Our building was made to hold up against 150 mph gusts of three second intervals and we had consistent winds of 140-150mph. Allied Steel pre-engineered for us exactly what they said they would.”

Initially, Leblanc received a flier from Allied Steel regarding pre-engineered structures. In that time, he needed a building for his own company, Quality Printing.

“We do silk screening, off-set printing, and embroidering to name a few. We needed to expand our business, and we liked what we heard from Allied Steel.”

It was Leblanc’s first time putting up a building, but the process, he said, was easy.

“We had a contractor assemble it. Everything worked out fine with the blueprints and the erection. All the pieces went the way they were supposed to. It looks terrific, and it has stood up very well against the storms that we have had down here, that’s for sure.”

Before Hurricane Katrina hit, people came off from the road to check out Leblanc’s building. Now, people are showing up more and more to find out who he bought his building from.

“I was wondering actually if I would get a referral fee,” Leblanc laughed. “At least three people have purchased buildings from Allied Steel after seeing mine. I’ve got another guy looking at it who’s really impressed and wants to build a 100’ X 300’ structure for a hardware store.”

Through the worst of weather, the building that everyone sees while driving down the road, has served Wayne Leblanc well.


Location: Galliano, Louisiana
50‘ x 100‘ x 14
Square Footage: 5000
Color: Beige
Industry: Commercial, Warehouse