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Equipment Storage

British Columbia Steel Buildings

Situated on Okanagan Lake in the Southern part of British Columbia, Penticton has beautiful scenery and recreational activities.

With such a large lake, boating is one past time shared by many who reside and vacation in the area. Todd Mizuik knows this, and decided in 2005 that the city needed something to store and wash the recreational vehicles when not in use.

“We have 300 employees stationed here with 180 vehicles – Mack, Pick-up, and Sewer trucks,” said Mizuik. “We wanted the drivers to wash their own trucks, not the mechanics.”

After receiving a mailer from Allied Steel, Mizuik called and decided on a 50 X 90 X 16 Sahara tan structure with a red trim.

Mizuik states that he was happy with the building, but was really impressed with the help that he received from Allied Steel Buildings, Building Services department.

“They were great at handling all matters that came about. No matter where you are located, Allied will handle it. We had a few hiccups along the way, but they did their part in making sure we had what we need. They have a lot of experience, especially with explaining a few things with the blueprints whenever a question came up.”

Rocky Mountain Contracting erected the building in three weeks. “The water utility people are also using it as a water mechanic shop on top of everything else that we’re using it for,” mentioned Mizuik. “We’ve been really pleased with Allied Steel. I’ve already been giving referrals in nearby Summerland to a bolt manufacturing company amongst others.


Location: Penticton, BC , Canada
50‘ x 90‘ x 16
Square Footage: 4500
Color: Tan, Red
Industry: Workshop