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The Creemore Hills Winery: 200937

Ontario Steel Buildings

The Creemore Hills Winery is located in Creemore Valley, Ontario.

The new 9,000-square-foot barn serves many purposes including storage for their heavy machinery and wine-making equipment.

An excerpt from On The Bay Magazine, “A decade or so ago, Catherine Morrissey was looking for land to plant a vineyard in Argentina. She had become interested in wine making and believed Argentina offered the best potential. Morrissey, who lives and works in Toronto, was familiar with Creemore, but it never struck her as a wine-producing region. Then she found this 49-acre farm property with a landscape that reminded her of Tuscany and thought, “maybe this land will work.”

She and her partner, Stephen Loewy, contacted a professor of viticulture from Brock University who examined the property and suggested they could grow a hybrid grape recently developed through the University of Minnesota, which can tolerate winter temperatures well below zero. That was the green light and since then they haven’t looked back. Their goal is to produce 5,000 cases a year under their label, “The Creemore Hills Winery.” In 2015 they produced their first 300 bottles of Marquette, a premium red, which will become their signature wine.” onthebaymagazine.com

Creemore Hills Winery-min


Location: Creemore, Ontario, Canada
Dimensions: 40‘ x 60‘ x 14
Square Footage: 2400
Color: Yellow
Industry: Commercial