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Boys & Girls Club of Bellport

New York Steel Buildings

“The community that supported us for the last few years has really been instrumental in making this building come to life. We’ve been working over twenty years to build a community center in this area and it’s really a dream come true for a lot of the community members and a very exciting time for us. We chose Allied Steel Buildings because it was an economical choice for us, financially it was feasible for us to make this building to be a reality as well as in a timely fashion. The steel frame building that we purchase from Allied Steel Buildings was amazingly quick when it went up. We drove past one day and it was a dirt pile and three days later you were able to imagine how the building was going to look when completed.

Choosing prefab steel frame gave us a lot of flexibility, we were able to customize the exterior of the building in any way we wanted. From the outside you would never know we purchased a prefab steel building. We have brick in all four sides, we were able to choose the different bricks we wanted, able to add additional windows, light panels that helped us with our sustainability and cost savings going down the road.” Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Club in Bellport, New York.

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Location: Bellport, NY, United States
Dimensions: 100‘ x 250‘ x 22
Square Footage: 25000
Color: Red, Beige
Industry: Recreational