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BMW Dealership

Phoenix, AZ

Abe Bekellian was looking for a building to use for an automotive paint facility when he received a flier from Allied Steel.

“We received it at the right time,” said Bekellian. “It worked out great for us. What Allied was offering with the building was very attractive and the price really caught our eye. We made a good catch.”

Bekellian, who owns several auto dealerships around the Phoenix area, needed a 40 X 75 X 16 for a new paint facility that included special openings and doors, which later was used in the parts and services department.

“Originally, we were going to have it for an auto paint facility as well as auto service, but just ended up using it for the later.”

It was the first time that Bekellian had purchased a pre-engineered building and he found the process truly easy. The quality was also up to his standards.

“I never looked into getting a steel structure before. So far, I am really happy; the building I bought from Allied is definitely top notch. The delivery was on time, and they were available to answer any questions I had.