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Aircraft Hangars and Airplane Storage Buildings

Airplane hangars are extremely versatile buildings and are also very diverse in size and design. From large to small, simple to complex, Allied Steel Buildings can offer an affordable and aesthetically appealing solution to fit all hangar requirements.

Allied Steel Buildings have unparalleled advantages, such as faster construction time and low maintenance, as well as design flexibility. An Allied steel building is flexible with any conventional exterior and provides energy efficiency and lower maintenance costs for your aircraft storage needs.

Allied’s Aviation Division News:

Your hangar building can be designed to meet your exact specifications, to house your particular aircraft. Column-free interiors provide wide floor space, and high eave heights accommodate even the largest airplanes. And, Allied Steel Buildings can accommodate bottom rolling, bi-parting doors, bi-fold doors and stack leaf door arrangements.

Each airplane hangar building is individually engineered and designed to meet all requirements, as well as local building codes to keep your airplanes and helicopters sheltered from the elements.

Allied Steel Buildings blend with any conventional exterior. A mixture of precast concrete, glass, brick, stone and other veneers will accent your steel hangar’s beauty and compliment the surrounding environment. A perfect compliment to your Gulfstream, Cessna, Lear Jet, Beechcraft, Piper, Raytheon, Bell, Bombadier, Canadair, Dasault, DeHavilland, Socata or Embraer aircraft.

Energy efficient Allied Steel Buildings reduce heating and cooling costs and save on future upkeep and maintenance costs.

When it comes to designing your new aviation building or airplane hangar, call Allied Steel Buildings 1.877.99.STEEL (1-877-997-8335).