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Recreational Vehicle Equipment Storage

North Carolina Steel Buildings

What do four-wheelers, jet skis, tractors and even a pressure washer have in common?

They are all items that were scattered in various locations around the grounds of Jeff Crawford’s 16-acre property in Wadesboro, North Carolina. And according to Crawford, something had to give.

“It was getting to be too much. I had all kinds of equipment and gear around my house that I needed to find a permanent place for,” Crawford says.

His search led him to Allied Steel.

Allied had a good name – and I got a pretty good price on the building I needed,” Crawford says. “The other thing is, Charlie [Kowalski] was really easy to work with.”

Crawford is the operator of Crawford Motor Company, an organization founded by his grandfather in 1951. The company sells used parts for automobiles.

He ordered the 40- by 40-foot steel building in the late Spring of 2003. Crawford decided to have the building erected near his house to make it easy to store his equipment.

“There are all kinds of equipment, like a four-wheeler, my son’s jet ski, tractor, lawn mowers — and even a pressure washer,” Crawford says with a laugh.

The building arrived in July, and Crawford hired Karl Hildreth to lay the concrete foundation. He used a local contractor with a three-man crew. Once the slab was ready to go, the entire building went up in just three days.

“It went very well, and Allied’s plans matched up with what we had to work with,” he says.

Allied sent the blueprints and the crew assembled the building from the blueprint. Crawford handled getting the permits needed, and his worker “put the building up just like it was supposed to be put up.”

The building came from Tennessee and Florida, Crawford says. He says the materials took about a month to arrive and were roughly delivered on the day he wanted delivery.

Crawford reported no problems during the construction. “We ended up putting in skylights, downspouts and moved the two 10-foot roll-up doors, so that there is one on each side. And then there is one other regular-sized walk-in door that works well.”

Although he does not have a wealth of experience in purchasing and constructing steel buildings, Crawford says that Allied Steel helped alleviate his concerns.

“It’s always scary when you don’t know someone or something, especially regarding a purchase this large,” he says. “But I didn’t have that with this experience. It was all good.”

Now that Crawford has a new home for his equipment conveniently located on his property, he reports just one problem.

We have some great stuff here, like the jet skis,” he says. But he says he often doesn’t have the time to use any of it. “My son is the one who ends up getting to take them out.


Location: Wadesboro, NC , United States
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Industry: Warehouse