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Prefab Steel Storage Building

Oregon Steel Buildings

Ken Walker does outside industrial sales of electrical supplies in the Salem, Oregon, area.
Walker’s greatest hobby is collecting antique cars for which he needed a new storage space. After researching on the Internet, he discovered Allied Steel.

“It was the first time I had purchased a building and so I wasn’t sure what to expect,” recalled Walker. “They had a special on a size that fit what I needed to do. It was a 30 X 50 building with a good price.”

Despite the delay of the doors he needed, Walker said everything else went just fine.

“Delivery was on time, but the doors were on back order. However, we got those three weeks later, which wasn’t a big deal, and didn’t put us off track. Allen & Laporte put up the building for us. It was well constructed, and everything went just the way it was supposed to.”


Location: Portland, OR , United States
30‘ x 50‘ x 12
Square Footage: 1500
Color: Tan
Industry: Workshop, Residential