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Pre-Engineered Metal Storage Building

Indiana Steel Buildings

It wasn’t the first time Tim McNamara had bought a pre-engineered building. Over the years, he has bought and sold numerous storage buildings from his home in Pleasant Lake, Indiana.

“It was the first time I bought something from Allied Steel,” said McNamara. “Before, I bought a lot of storage buildings from other companies.”

McNamara found out about Allied through a flier he received in the mail. He called them up and learned about a building he later bought.

“Allied sold me a 50 X 60 X 22 with three 12 X 14 framed openings and reinforced industrial vapor barriers. They also included downspouts, gutters, and insulation, which was a good deal. The only problem we had was with the zoning in our city.”

But after McNamara had Allied raise the snow load on the building, the boards approved its construction.

Carlin Construction, who put up the building for McNamara, also found working with Allied as easy and effortless.

“We subcontracted to different crews, but the erection was done by Carlin Construction. Jeff was the main man on the project, and had no problems with the blueprints. They also had a crane for setting all the beams up.”

Once the building was up and finished, McNamara did some extra work around it for a better presentation.

“We did some brick work on the building and put up overhang. It looks great with the landscaping and concrete. If the building gets an award, I want money!”

“It was great working with Allied Steel,” said McNamara. “I had no problems getting a hold of Building Services when I had questions. I would definitely recommend Allied Steel to anyone.”


Location: Pleasant Lake, IN , United States
50‘ x 60‘ x 22
Square Footage: 3000
Industry: Warehouse