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Stobaugh Home, Residential

Texas Steel Buildings

CHALLENGE: Deliver a 2,400-square-foot two-story Texas dream home, on a tight budget.

ALLIED SOLUTION: At the beginning, the customer really wanted a hip roof, but the initial design and material costs exceeded the budget. Working with the customer’s architect, Allied designed a cost-effective way to give the customer the roof he wanted, well within his budget. The home also features a mezzanine, covered porch, and garage within the building shell. We carefully engineered the building roof pitch to accommodate a 10 foot eave hight, allowing enough clearance for two-stories, which was a phenomenal feat. This home stands as proof that with steel, big dreams can be realized on a small budget.


Location: Cleburne, TX , United States
40‘ x 60‘ x 10
Square Footage: 2400
Color: Gray
Industry: Workshop, Residential