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Farm Equipment & Tool Storage Building

Georgia Steel Buildings

Two years ago, Jason Herndon contacted Allied Steel in regards to obtaining a building that he could use for storage at his 2500 acre farm in Lyons, Georgia.

“I grow onions and sweet corn,” said Herndon. “I needed a building that I could use to store my boat and four-wheelers that I have for when I am not working.”

Originally, Herndon couldn’t find anything until Allied contacted him a few months later to let him know that they had a 30 X 40 X 10 available for him.

“They told me about a building that was at a better price and I took it in June 2004. I got a good deal at $9000. At that point, I wasn’t actually looking, but they called and offered me one. In addition, I was able to get two 10 foot roll-up doors so it worked out well for me.”

Usually, Herndon would buy buildings for business projects from a local company named J & P Construction. Upon hearing how easy it was to put up a building from Allied Steel, he did it himself.

“For someone who never does it, it was a piece of cake,” recalled Herndon. “The blueprints were easy to follow, and everything fit into place.”

As he was putting up the structure, Herndon noticed that the trim was missing two pieces. He called up Allied and they sent him what he needed to finish right away.

“They took care of me,” said Herndon. “They went ahead and shipped the pieces that I needed, and I had it in 10 days after I called them. I was really satisfied with how things worked out with Allied Steel.”


Location: Lyons, GA , United States
30‘ x 40‘ x 10
Square Footage: 1200
Color: Tan
Industry: Agricultural, Workshop