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Equipment Storage Building

Florida Steel Buildings

Handling septic tanks can be a dirty job, yet Will Harris, from Pinellas Park, Florida, does it for living. In his business, Harris uses a lot of equipment that needs to be stored so he turned to Allied Steel to help him get an appropriate storage building.

“It was my first time purchasing a steel structure,” said Harris. “The permits were tough, believe me. However, we got it solved with the county. What’s more, it turned out to be within our budget, which was great.”

Harris bought a 40 X 70 X 16 with two 3 X 7 doors and three 12 X 14 framed openings, and was very pleased with Allied’s service and attention to product.

“They were great to work with. The delivery was on time, and the company was easily reachable for any questions. We also ordered windows from them and they look great.”

Jack McBay with MTM Contractors had no problems putting up Harris’ building.

“He had no trouble following the blueprints when he was erecting the building,” responded Harris. “I was very satisfied and would tell anyone who needs a steel building to contact Allied.”


Location: Pinellas Park, FL , United States
40‘ x 70‘ x 16
Square Footage: 2800
Color: Tan
Industry: Workshop