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All Watercraft Storage Building

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Whatever Floats Your Boat, Carl Smith Can Help .

For water-sports enthusiasts on Lake Powell , there’s a new luxury home for their 45-foot cruisers in nearby Big Water, Utah .

And it all happened because Carl Smith made the call to Allied Steel.

A former restaurateur from Phoenix , Smith started his business, All Watercraft Storage, five years ago. For the first years of the company, he stored boats outdoors or in facilities spread out across the area.

“We had the boats stored in various locations, which is actually not bad, Smith explained. He says many boat storage companies use a single massive storage facility, which he says can make it difficult for customers to get easy access to their boats.

But in 2003, he decided he needed a permanent home for the 45-foot boats that were an important part of his business.

“I needed a storage building that would fit my needs and my budget,” Smith says.

Smith spent his time studying and pricing buildings before settling on his selection from Allied Steel. After six months of research, he ordered the building in November of 2003.

The building is 84 by 50 feet with 18-foot tall eaves, perfect for storing five large boats.

“Allied did the blueprints for the building,” Smith says. “And they were great about staying to code on the windage and weight requirements.”

The building arrived on time – and all the parts were delivered at the same time. He says the only thing that was missing was an anchor bolt for the foundation, which was a problem that was quickly remedied.

The building arrived in March of 2004, and Allied gave Smith “a discount for taking delivery a little early,” he says.

The foundation for the building was poured and ready in the second week of June. After waiting a few weeks, contractor Gary Bartholomew and a crew of four men started building the structure. They had it ready to go toward the end of July.

In August of 2004, Smith began putting his customers’ boats into the new facility.

Everything went through the inspections very well. He also adds that Allied Steel was helpful with any questions he had or anything he needed throughout the process.

“I really appreciated that since this was the first time I’d ever done anything like this,” Smith says.

Smith says he has enjoyed the experience of owning a watercraft storage facility – and even of buying and putting up a building. It’s a far cry from his days in Phoenix with his wife Zyla. The pair ran Zyla’s Cafeteria before packing up in 1999 and moving to Big Water.

It’s all part of the journey, he laughs. And Allied Steel made the process a positive one.

“Overall, I’d say it’s been a very good experience,” Smith says.


Location: Big Water, UT , United States
Dimensions: 84 x 50 x 18
Square Footage:
Color: Tan
Industry: Warehouse