BuildSMART offers competitive pricing, industry expertise, transparency, customer focus, scalable solutions, efficient schedule, buying power, project management, guaranteed on-time delivery, value engineering, and design services.

We bridge the service gap in the steel building industry by providing the necessary project management and customer service at each client’s building project from concept through completion.

Whether you are a first time building buyer for your business or home, or an experienced developer, you understand the importance of hands-on project management and customer service. Combine that with massive buying power and the industries most experienced engineering team and you have the BuildSmartTM system by Allied.

How BUILDSMART™ Gets It Done


The most accurate pricing. With more than 300 buildings delivered a year, we give our customers the buying power they need to fit their project budget.


Our BUILDSMART™ design ensures your final building design is exactly what you want and Value Engineered in your favor. We collaborate with you ensuring all your needs are met, and introduce some you might not have considered.


On-Time Guarantee* which you can only say when you have complete control of the project. We create a schedule that meets the project’s demands and manage all aspects of the project in-house from design, engineering, all the way through completion.


Our certified logistics professionals have the experience to book and manage the delivery of the building to your job site, anywhere in the world.

graph-on-time-guarantee *On-Time Guarantee:If we do not deliver your building on the agreed scheduled time, we’ll rebate you 10% on the project. This is the industries only On Time Guarantee.


SMART is the way we design your building.

  • Weather-proof your building’s roof system
  • Sure-Fit wall panels (Energy star rated)
  • We implement a sculptured eave trim finish
  • Lifetime warranty on our carbon steel fasteners
  • Panel finishing trim / base girt for non-cement floor applications
  • Their “upgrades” are our standards

SMART is the way we engineer your building.

  • Space saver design
  • Welded Clips

SMART is how WE provide quality service throughout the entire process.

  • Detailed scope drawings are provided
  • Personalized online portal access to manage your project and house your documents – track results & access your project 24/7, 365 at myalliedbuilding.com
  • Stamped Structural Engineered Blueprints
  • Dedicated Project Manager assigned to help you with your building project and any questions you may have to take your project all the way through completion
  • Logistics management to deliver your building to the job site anywhere in the world
  • Real peace of mind with a warranty we stand behind

SMART is in the quality of our building materials and finishes.

  • Light emitting panels
  • Visual identity color finish (Choose from over 21 colors to give your building the look, brand and architectural appeal you’re looking for.)
  • Pathway /drainage system

SMART is how we reward you as a valued customer.

  • My Allied Steel Buildings instant access customer data portal (Recognition and Rewards – Recognition: Community service putting people to work, building stronger communities- provide a center for kids, we will get the word out)
  • Rewards- Picture Perfect. Send us pictures of your Allied building and we will register you for Rewards and prizes.

SMART is how we are part of your community.

You don’t have to look hard to find out we are part of your community. Our level of support extends beyond the time you take delivery of your steel building. We are continually engaged in your community. Especially in times when the community relies on businesses to make a difference and help alleviate hardships, we’re with you in many ways. Whether lending a helping hand in efforts such as Habitat for Humanity or delivering special pricing and incentives to businesses affected by a catastrophic event. For more information visit AlliedCares.com