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Texas Steel Buildings

Allied Steel Buildings builds them Bigger in Texas.

As one of the most diversified economies in the US, Allied has supplied Texans with engineered steel buildings and structures for over a decade. We have been on the forefront in providing buildings for agriculture, energy, aerospace, retail and residential.

Allied has factories all over Texas, minimizing your fabrication time and allowing for an effortless installation. Our steel buildings are composed of resilient standard steel, and are designed to meet all Texas building codes.

With the states different climate zones our steel buildings will withstand the elements and are coated with a protective primer after fabrication is completed. It will protect against any weather and upkeep like coating or treating the steel is not necessary. You can also rest assured that they are built to withstand hurricane winds greater than 200mph, are non-flammable and are fabricated from recycled steel!

Having provided buildings to Texas for 10 years we have watched it become one of the best states to do business in. Allied Steel Buildings’ 3700 customers have relied on us to provide the perfect building solution for them, and our industry specific project managers can help you do the same. We have extensive experience in supplying farm equipment buildings, cotton seed and storage buildings, cattle barns, government office buildings, mining equipment storage, renewable energy plants, retail storefronts, logistic parks and warehouses and residential workshops.

Allied’s proof is in the putting. We have steel buildings all over Texas including: SpaceX , Wilco Recycling, Thunder Gun Range, Motley Mill & Cube, Quail Creek Ranch and so many more! Currently we have buildings being manufactured for Houston, Dallas, Austin and Fort Worth. Call Allied and invest in an engineered steel building that’s as hardworking as you are!