Farm Workshop and Storage Building, Missouri

GroSteel Farm Building

A Man on the Move

Running two 160-acre farms while working a 60-hour-a-week job in a town 45 minutes away is what anyone would call a full life. But Dexter Lucas of Falcon, Missouri just calls it business as usual.

I like to have something going on all the time. My wife and I don’t like to spend our time sitting around watching television,” Lucas says with a laugh. “We always like to have a project going.

That would be an understatement.

Lucas is a shop manager for BNM Manufacturing in Camdenton , Missouri , a town roughly 35 miles from Falcon, where Lucas owns a 160-acre farm with more than 100 head of cattle. In addition, he says he is committed to attending as many of his 17-year-old son’s sports activities as he can.

He’ll be leaving us next Fall, so my wife and I like to do as much as possible together with him before he goes off,” Lucas says. That includes running the farm as a trio and, later, building a storage facility together.

In the Fall of 2003, Lucas began looking into the idea of building some kind of storage structure on his farm. He needed a farm shop to work on equipment, as well as to store tractors and other equipment.

He had nearly decided on a pole barn, when he found a 30- by 45-square-foot steel building from Allied Steel that met his needs – and his budget.

It had everything I was looking for, and they were able to get the building delivered to me when I needed it,” Lucas says.

In late November 2004, the building was delivered and became a father-son project over the holiday season.

Dexter laid the foundation by himself in one day, approximately 300 feet away from the family home. After that, he and his son worked “off and on for a month” erecting the building.

He says there were no problems with the blueprints or permits – and the building came together in a timely fashion.

Out in the country, there usually isn’t too much of a problem with zoning,” Lucas says with a laugh. “And I really appreciated how accurate the blueprint was and how easy it is to follow.

Lucas and son got the building erected in January and began moving workbenches, hoists, shelves and equipment into the structure toward the end of that month. A wood heat stove kept the inside warm during the winter.

He says he is satisfied with the building, saying Allied Steel makes “a good product, with good blueprints at a price that I thought was fair.

With the building up and his workshop in operation, Lucas is now sure to spend even less time in front of a television set. But he says he enjoyed the experience of working on the building with his son.”

It was good to working together on this, since he’s going to be going soon,” Lucas says. “It’s a memory we’ll always share.”