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Red Barn Event Center - Barrie Ontario

On June 19th, 2011 the doors opened at the Red Barn Event Center in Barrie, Ontario for a Performance Dogs Canada show, ...

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Allied Steel Buildings Brings Home New Opportunities from Expo Logistica Panama

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Metal Storage and Logistical Warehouse Buildings

At Allied Steel Buildings, we know from experience that our clients’ storage needs do not always fit in the same building. We’ve delivered everything from hay and grain storage structures to large steel warehouses. Our Allied storage buildings can provide shelter for campers and RV’s, or farm equipment and can also be designed, fabricated, and delivered in as little as eight weeks. We provide many options for every storage need, check out some advice and information from a few of our pre-engineered storage building owners below.

By opting for a prefabricated storage building from Allied you can design a structure to your exact vision. Leslie and David of Ontario researched various storage options to find the right fit for their lake property. They envisioned a boathouse with ample room to store their Chaparral 270, a variety of Kubota equipment, and other household items that cluttered their garage. With the help of Allied Steel Buildings, they designed a 32’x54’x18′ boathouse with a custom gambrel roof. A key design element to keep in mind from Leslie and David is the size; they designed the largest structure possible for the land to save on future expansion costs. Leslie mentioned, “It’s great, it has everything in it. We would have no garage otherwise!”

In British Columbia, Cawston Cold Storage needed a large building, fast. They required a cold storage structure straightaway to keep their organic produce fresh from the farm to the market. To meet their deadline, they opted for a 50’x100’x18’ Allied Steel warehouse storage facility because of the fast fabrication and construction times.  They received their agricultural storage building on a Friday and had it constructed the following Monday.

David in California, a mechanic by trade, wanted a “do it yourself” storage and workshop structure. He chose an Allied Steel Building because “the cost was cheaper per square foot” than a conventional building and it was much easier to erect. He constructed the 30’x54’x16’ prefabricated steel garage seamlessly in a few weeks. David suggested that others erecting their prefab buildings to, “pay very close attention to the plans and study them before you start.” He had a little outside help, but did most of the job solo. David said, “It’s a system, when you lay out the parts… it kind of erects itself once you get it going. It was a project, but it was a lot of fun.”

Our steel storage buildings can be designed large enough to be a mega warehouse or small enough to go unnoticed in the backyard. We design and deliver the highest quality, fully custom metal and steel buildings for all applications including, agricultural, commercial, industrial and residential. To begin your building project, please submit a free quote, or call an Allied Steel Buildings project manager today!