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Florida Steel Buildings

Allied Steel Buildings is Florida’s premier provider of steel buildings and structures.

We have delivered 3,800 buildings in our 10 years, all constructed from only the highest quality steel and designed to surpass industry standards. Sunshine State residents have relied on Allied for all of their agricultural, industrial, aerospace, commercial and residential building needs.

Allied provides strong and resilient engineered structures that will keep your valuables safe and secure. Our buildings are perfect for Florida’s tropical climate. All made with 24-26 gauge steel to deal with the ever changing weather and are built to withstand hurricane winds greater than 200mph. Ask about our galvanized steel frames, an idyllic solution for Florida’s coastal climate. A protective primer is administered after fabrication to protect against the elements. No upkeep like coating or treating the steel is necessary.

Florida is a hub for a variety of industries. Which is why we employ industry specific project managers that have experience in building agricultural machinery storage, produce storage and processing facilities, equestrian facilities, construction equipment storage, office buildings, commercial and retail storefronts, and residential storage and workshops. Allied has also provided a number of structures for the port expansion, have designed buildings for the very popular Florida theme parks, and have even supplied a hangar to NASA. The building possibilities are endless.

You can find Allied buildings all over Florida: New Dimensions High School, Progress Energy, Rorabecks Plants and Produce, Plumwood Riding Arena, Architectura Group, the Eglin Air Force Base and so many more. We are now manufacturing buildings for Miami, Jacksonville, Tampa and Orlando. Call Allied to find the right building solution for you!